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A Temporary Resident Permit will help a person entry to Canada only on temporary grounds. A TRP can only be used for entry to Canada as a foreign worker, international students or as a visitor but not for any permanent residency processes. TRP’s are only issued in exceptional circumstance and at the discretion of the processing officer. A TRP may be canceled at any time.


eTA or a visitor visa?
  • Visit as a tourist

  • Visit your children or grandchildren

  • Travel and work in Canada

  • Visit on business

  • Transit through Canada

  • Extend your stay

Study in Canada
  • Study Permit

  • Visitor Visa

  • Find a School (DLI – Designated Learning Institution)

  • Get a Post Graduation Work Permit

  • Extend your stay as a student

  • Experience Class – Permanent Resident

Work in Canada
  • Open work permits

  • Employer-specific work permits

  • General eligibility requirements

  • Eligible for two-week processing

  • Extend your work permit